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Who We Are

Compass Virtual Academy offers a wide range of online and live courses designed to meet your student's academic needs and requirements. Our courses are designed to provide an engaging learning experience for every student.

Director of Education

Janine Deems

I've been a teacher for 23 years and I dreamed of my daughter having a quality education that focused on learning instead of busywork. A model where she could go at her own pace, and thrive in a safe learning environment surrounded with teachers who supported, and encouraged her. After years of searching for the unicorn without any luck, I decided to create a program for all learners. Over the past 7 years, I've helped thousands of students through the program and now offer it as a private school.


How We're Different

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High school should be a fun and empowering time in a young person's life. Our program is designed for students to have extra time outside of school to pursue interests, build strengths, explore career options, and spend with family and friends..


We are proud to offer a program that offers the flexibility and efficiency you want and need, without compromising on a quality education. Together, we will partner with your family so your student has an academic plan that fits their specific needs and goals.

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Live Classes

We offer live classes for Science, History, Math, and English each week. Mrs. Phillips helps students build a writing "toolbox" so they can learn the fundamentals of writing which they can then apply to any writing assignment. Dr. Wilcox makes math fun and helps students overcome any "math phobia" they might have. Ms. Michaelis makes science and history interesting, while also providing encouragement, support, and accountability as their homeroom teacher.

Electives & Clubs

A quality education would not be complete without electives and clubs. We're excited about our upcoming lineup for fall 24/25 which includes electives such as Coding, ASL, Spanish, Career Exploration, Drawing, etc.,. We also have the following Clubs for students to connect in: Coding Club, Pen Pal Club, Minecraft Club, Book Club. and Art Club.

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