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College Planning

Working together, we will map out classes for your student that will easily satisfy both their high school diploma AND their bachelor's degree requirements AT THE SAME TIME! Students learn once, earn twice!


Learning Path

We believe that your student deserves an education that fits their unique needs. Our goal is to provide a personalized learning experience that allows them to be successful in their education and achieve their academic goals. Our team is passionate about providing a quality education that is fun and engaging while preparing your student for success after high school and college graduation.

Academic Advising

You'll meet with an Academic Advisor who will discuss your students' educational goals and strategically plan out the best classes to meet their high school and bachelor's degree requirements at the same time. Your student can take up to 10 classes a year which equals 30 college credits. (full year of college credit). This will allow them to earn an accredited bachelor's degree in the four years of high school.


Stress-Free Degree

The costs of college can be daunting for families, so we created a program that offers an affordable option for high school/college and allows students to save 4 years of time. We work hard to provide a stress-free learning environment so your student can earn dual credit and find their love of learning again. Removing homework, busywork, and stressful deadlines allows students to get the benefits of a bachelor's degree without the usual stress of dual enrollment.

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