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  • What is Compass Virtual Academy?
    Compass Virtual Academy is an online private school that offers students live classes for core subjects, electives, and clubs. Independent assignments are 5 8 minute video lessons that use maps, graphs, pictures, and illustrations to make difficult concepts come alive. Our courses focus on learning instead of busywork, allowing students to complete their studies in 3 hours daily.
  • What programs do you offer?
    Compass Virtual Academy offers a range of programs to meet the academic needs of our students. The programs include Middle School courses for students in grades 6-8, High School courses for students in grades 9-12, and a High School program with an option for a Bachelor's Degree for students in grades 9-12.
  • How many classes are included in each year's tuition cost?
    Ten courses are included in the tuition cost for each academic year. These are planned out with the guidance of an Advisor during your initial and/or annual planning session. Students are enrolled in five courses a term.
  • How often do students meet with a LIVE instructor?
    Our students attend weekly live core classes, including Math, Science, History, and English, and also have the opportunity to attend live electives such as Drawing, ASL, and Coding. For added support, our students have access to On-Demand Tutoring services five days a week, and they are also assigned a dedicated Homeroom Teacher who helps them stay connected and accountable.
  • How can I pay for Tuition?
    We accept credit or debit cards and payment can be made through ESA debit card, ESA Marketplace, or Classwallet as we are an approved vendor with ESA.
  • How much is school tuition per year?
    The cost of tuition will vary depending on the program you choose to enroll in. Tuition is paid in four quarterly installments.
  • Can I enroll my student in just 1 academic quarter to "try it out"?
    Compass Virtual Academy is offered in 1-year increments only, and we do not provide refunds for withdrawing from our program. Additionally, tuition fees are also not pro-rated.This policy is in place to ensure the stability and quality of our program.
  • What universities do you currently have a partnership with?
    Our partnership with Excelsior University, a regionally accredited institution, allows us to offer high-quality dual credit options to our students.
  • Are all courses offered through Compass Virtual Academy dual highschool + college credit?
    No. We have several options available for high school credit only. There are two reasons we offer a handful of high school-only classes. One reason is to allow students the option for additional skill-building opportunities to ensure they will be adequately prepared for college-level material (e.g., Pre-algebra, Research Writing, etc.). Another reason is to provide classes that are commonly expected to be recorded on a high school transcript (e.g., P.E./Health, Personal Finance, Art, etc.).
  • What degree options do I have?
    Excelsior University offers a flexible Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts degree (BSLA) that provides essential communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, applicable in any career field. This degree is great for adults who want to advance, change careers, mark it off their bucket list, or continue to graduate school. It's also an excellent choice for high school students, giving a well-rounded education while earning dual credit. Graduates can pursue careers in education, business, government, non-profit organizations, communications, and beyond.
  • Can my student earn college credit?
    We offer a high school option where each class will meet high school requirements and bachelor's degree requirements at the same time. Our 4-year program is designed for quality, not quantity and leads to a high school diploma and regionally accredited bachelor's degree by high school graduation. Students spend 3 hours a day focused on learning in this program
  • Can I enroll after August?
    Yes, you can enroll at any time throughout the year. Tuition covers 1-full year of coursework no matter when you enroll.
  • When does Compass Virtual Academy’s academic school year formally begin?
    Our formal academic school year begins at the beginning of August each year. However, students can begin enrollment and coursework anytime throughout the calendar year.
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