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​✔ Annual 1-Hour Customized Student Planning

​✔ 10 College Courses + Electives Per Year

​✔ Live Classes Every Week

✔ Weekly Check-ins with Homeroom Teacher

✔ Math & English Tutoring

✔ Ongoing Teacher Support

✔ Customized High School Schedule

✔ College Degree Plan

✔ Private Support Group

✔ High School Transcripts & Diploma


*Tuition: $5,000 split into 4 quarterly payments.


Price Options
ESA/Quarterly Payment
$1,250.00every 3 months for 12 months
  • Compass Virtual Academy (CVA) is a complete online learning program that offers self-paced courses for students seeking dual credit. Our courses are designed to meet both high school and college requirements simultaneously. As a result, CVA students are able to navigate our program at their own pace with the ultimate goal of earning a regionally-accredited bachelor’s degree by high school graduation.

  • No Refunds. Please refer to CVA's Student Handbook for more details. LINK: <Insert Link>

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